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A Story of Southern Hospitality

We specialize in the Southern staples with classics like shrimp & grits, biscuits & gravy and fried green tomatoes. We strive to bring you a meal reminiscent of your momma's kitchen with top quality, often locally sourced ingredients and Southern hospitality in the form of great service. 

Our Partners

We've partnered with a number of local businesses to bring you great ingredients. Our local partners currently include: 


Speedy's Hot Sauce

Byrd's Mill Variety

Authenticity Farms 

Edwards Ham

Carter's Breads 

Preservation Society

Blanchard's Coffee

Our Sister Business

Our sister businesses, Shyndigz and Shyndigz 2go & Market, are also owned by Bryon and Nicole Jessee. While Shyndigz 2go & Market specializes in desserts 2go, gifts and party supplies, the market also features products from The Fancy Biscuit such as deli items (Fancy Deviled Eggs, Pimento Cheese, BBQ, Cole Slaw, Soups and more!  Shyndigz Market is directly next door to The Fancy Biscuit - drop by for some dessert after your brunch - you won't be disappointed! 

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While we are not always hiring, we always take applicants into consideration for potential employment. If you are interested in working at The Fancy Biscuit, please feel free to send a cover letter & resume to


Delivery is available through UBEREATS.  

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